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A Divigation on the Self-Portrait

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Craft Notes, Reading | 0 comments

It’s hard for me to come to a poem like Adam Zagajewski’s “Self-Portrait” (included in the latest issue of The Kenyon Review) without thinking of those lines from Charles Wright’s poem “Roma II” (from The Other Side of the River, 1984): “The poem is a self-portrait / always, no matter what mask / You take off and put back on.” Though,...

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Post Beginning With a Line from Mark Irwin

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Reading | 0 comments

Time’s a game of catch and pitch, Irwin writes in “Elegy” in the Winter 2011 issue Kenyon Review. The line haunts as I read Irwin’s “Poem Beginning With a Line by Milosz” in the May 2011 issue of Poetry, which begins “The most beautiful bodies are like transparent glass”– from Milosz’s early poem “Hymn.” In the 14 lines that...

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